Dust-Tex Treated Mops 

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Dust-Tex mops are designed and developed by Dust Control specialists. They are cleaning tools engineered to perform much better than any other mop.
They are flat sweepers with five rows of fringe that can hold more than twice as much dust as any regular mop. The fringes have different lengths, allowing maximum contact against the floor and maximum retention.

The different sizes allow its use in any kind of space, from a small store to the biggest premises.


The fluid that impregnates the mop is paraffin based and provides the viscosity and adherence required by cotton for an effective dust control

Cotton is a hollow fiber where dust stays. The fluid turns those fibers into a real trap that holds and retains the dust that gets in contact with the mop

Each mop is impreganted with Dust-Tex fluid, whose exclusive formula provides maximum retention without residue on the floor.


The fluid is registered in UL and has a bacteriostatic registration in EPA. It is, without doubt, one of the best in the market. It also has an exquisite lemon fragrance that improves your image and provides an additional benefit to the mop.


By using a Dust-Tex mop, of the adequate size and correctly treated, cleaning time is reduced to 50%, achieving a reduction in cleaning hours, which in general represent 90% of cleaning costs.

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